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Pain Pushes until Vision Pulls (Aha moments, paradigm shifts and flow)

A note on How to Get the Most out of Personal / Professional Development Courses: I experienced that ever-so-elusive paradigm shift in a personal / professional development workshop. The power of … Continue reading

October 16, 2012 · 2 Comments

A new take on things

From Hungry for Change (A movie on food choices & the relationship we have with your bodies) I love myself unconditionally right now – Louise Hay I was watching a … Continue reading

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Quite something.. image stabilization experts: Chikens

Here’s a simple chicken. Apparently I have underestimated these creatures until now Nature’s best available image stabilization… they must have evolved it for flight so that their head stays steady … Continue reading

January 25, 2009 · 1 Comment

Learn to speak climate

Beautiful article i read a few days ago in the NYT.. particularly that part where he’s sipping on scotch cooled by 5,000 year old ice cubes Please refer to the … Continue reading

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Building the ISS

A Great video of how all the components of the International Space Station fit together.. Enjoy! http://www.tietronix.com/anim/MoviePlayer.asp?myMovie=movies/assembly640x360.swf

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BC has competition for BC’s Renewable Energy: California

Anyone else noticed that BC has renewable resources? California has. In fact, August 2008, a $4 billion-initiative called the Canada/Pacific Northwest to Northern California Transmission Project, will complete the first phase. The plan – to build renewable energy generation in BC, bypass the BC rate-payers and BC Hydro, and be transmitted straight to the U.S.

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Radiohead Music and Lyrics – Meaning of It All

It’s suiting that I’m starting up this blog with Radiohead – it was the first band that really spoke to me through the metaphorical lyrics, imagery and meaning.  First things … Continue reading

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